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    Microeconomics is a branch of economics that focuses on the study of individual economic agents such as consumers, firms, and markets, and how they make decisions regarding the allocation of scarce resources. This book explores the economic behavior of individuals, firms, and markets in detail. It delves into the theory of supply and demand, market structures, pricing, and production decisions made by businesses. Microeconomics serves as a foundation for understanding economic decision-making at the individual and firm level, and how they impact market outcomes. It is a valuable resource for students of economics, as well as anyone interested in understanding how markets work and how economic decisions are made.

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    Klevisa Kapo is an experienced business researcher and projects’ expert, specialized in providing professional independent services to start-ups, SMEs, NGOs and educational institutions. The catalog of the services she covers includes: market research, project proposal writing, project management, business plans' preparation, organization strategy design, data analysis, business and communication consultation and training. The main areas in focus are: entrepreneurship, innovation, sustainability, social entrepreneurship, tourism, culture, youth and education. She has an academic and professional background in Business and Organisation, Innovation, Leadership and Finance, provided by University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business, Global Innovation Management Institute, McCain Institute of Arizona State University, University of Tirana, Faculty of Economics. Klevisa is also contributing as a lecturer for the subjects of Business, Marketing, Business Communication and Economics.