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Web Engineering

Web Engineering

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    This textbook focuses on the development of large-scale web-based applications, websites, and software systems. It covers various topics such as web design, web programming, web testing, and web project management. The book is an essential resource for software engineers, web developers, project managers, and anyone involved in the development of web-based applications. It provides readers with a comprehensive understanding of the process of web engineering and the skills required to develop high-quality web-based systems.

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    Iqra Ameer is an Assistant Professor at Penn State University, PA, USA. She received her Ph.D. in computer science with Distinction from the Instituto Politécnico Nacional, Mexico in 2022. During her Ph.D., she focused on multi-label emotion classification on code-mixed and monolingual text. She has extensive experience in tackling various challenges related to social media text, such as emotion classification, mental health illness, fake news, hate speech, toxic speech detection, and author profiling. Additionally, she has worked on suicide tendency prediction during her postdoc at Yale University and the University of Texas at Houston using clinical text. With her expertise in NLP, she has published several papers in top-tier conferences and journals.