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Computer Systems Application

Computer Systems Application

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    Computer systems application refers to the utilization of software and hardware components to perform various tasks and activities such as data processing, communication, entertainment, and business operations. This textbook covers the fundamental concepts of computer systems and their applications in various fields. It provides an in-depth understanding of computer architecture, operating systems, networking, and database management systems. With its practical approach, Computer Systems Application equips readers with the knowledge and skills needed to design, develop, and implement computer-based systems. It serves as a valuable resource for students of computer science, software engineering, and related fields, as well as professionals in the technology industry who wish to enhance their knowledge and skills.

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    Viktor Borodin is Computer Science PhD at T.Shevchenko Kyiv National University, Kyiv, Ukraine. His interest areas are lying on the composite domains of AI and CS: medical image processing, machine learning, data analysis and Applied Mathematics: computational geometry, differential equations, number theory. Viktor Borodin is the author of several papers in the fields of Math and Computer Engineering and has 20+ years of teaching experience to engineering and math graduates and postgraduates, and 10+ years of practical SW programming.